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A Critical Examination of Damage



If you believe your repaired watch is not working properly, and desire a warranty evaluation, you must first review the following applicable warranty frequently asked questions (FAQs below) before completing and submitting the form (at the bottom of this page).  This will insure that your warranty evaluation request is valid and/or necessary.

Warranty Evaluation Request FAQ Types:
For Seiko 'Kinetic' Watches (auto-quartz, aka runs on a rechargeable battery) - READ all of these before submitting a warranty request.

Question 1 - "When I depress the power reserve button on my Seiko Kinetic (auto-quartz) watch to see how much charge remains, the second hand only sweeps to 20 seconds and I am concerned that it is not holding enough power.  I remember my kinetic used to be very easy to charge up and make it sweep 30 seconds?!?"
Answer 1 - No need to worry.  This is a normal condition.   Your new LI cell does NOT charge up as fast as the original capacitor (FACT), but the new LI cell does hold more energy than the original-style capacitor.  Do NOT send in your watch.  Please also consider disregarding the power sweep function, and limit how often you push the power reserve button, as this action draws valuable power from the rechargeable battery to satisfy your 'curiosity.'  As long as you wear the watch actively and daily, and your second hand is not stepping in two-second increments (indicating a low battery), you are fine.  If, in spite of actively wearing your kinetic at least 5 days per week, you experience 'double ticking/stepping' of the sweep second hand, then you may have a warranty issue, as the charging coil can go bad without warning, and in spite of being tested by us at the time of service.  For kinetics receiving complete service, bad coils are a covered item, provided they are not damaged by water or tampering.  

Question 2 - "I can hear an unfamiliar or strange sound coming from my Seiko Kinetic (auto-quartz) watch when I move it, and I am concerned that something is wrong inside the watch." 
Answer 2 - The sound you hear is the oscillating weight revolving on its axis in response to your movement of the watch.  This mechanism is the the watch's charging gears, and they do make a sound when they are working in response to your kinetic energy (movement).  This sound is normal.  Many times, when your watch comes back from service, the sound may have changed in some way as a result of the gears and clutch being cleaned and oiled.  This is normal.   

Question 3 - "I have noticed moisture or fogging under the crystal of my Seiko Kinetic (auto-quartz) watch."
Answer 3 - This is a condition for which you should return the watch to us for service; however, our limited warranty does NOT cover water damage of any type.  Read more about water damage and conditions not covered by our warranty at this link.

Question 4 - "The dial or face of my watch seems to have rotated and is crooked or not lined up properly."
Answer 4 - Your watch has received a strong shock of some kind and the fragile dial pins that hold the dial in place have sheared off, allowing the dial to rotate under the hands, resulting in the dial appearing to be misaligned.  This condition is caused by strong shocks (the do not shear off all by themselves) and is NOT covered by our limited warranty, but can be repaired by us at a reduced cost, since you have had the watch repaired by us in the past.
For UDT Chronosport Type II  

Question 1 - "My alarm and/or chronograph LCD display is malfunctioning.  I can't set the alarm.  The digits are not behaving properly when I attempt to operate the functions in the LCD display."
Answer 1 - This is caused by WATER DAMAGE.  How did water get inside your UDT?  When your UDT left our facility, it was pressure tested and passed a static pressure test.  The UDT's pushers (the buttons YOU press to control the LCD functions) are NOT designed to be pressed under water.  If you press them when under water, or IN THE SHOWER, water WILL get inside the UDT and cause the exact problem you are experiencing.  Your limited warranty (if applicable) does NOT cover water damage.   We will NOT repair a water damaged watch under warranty.  If you decided to try your luck pressing the pushers under or in the water, then get out your check book.  The cost to service a water damaged UDT starts at $615 and up.  Kick, scream, threaten to sue us, but we will NOT honor the limited warranty on ANY water damaged UDT.  Period.  If you do send in your UDT for a warranty evaluation, and have operated the pushers under water, tiny traces of water will still be inside your watch for us to find.  If you open the watch to try and dry it out before you send it to us, you WILL ruin the watch (dry out the oil in the gear train, and/or warp the plastics in the movement assembly.  If you use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the watch to 'dry out' the water traces, you will melt/warp the internal plastic case ring - WE WILL KNOW - customers have done this and we will NO LONGER service their watch and their limited warranty was VOID.  Don't do it.  There will ALWAYS be evidence that you or someone else has tampered with and/or been inside the watch, and your limited warranty WILL be void.   If you have worn your UDT in the pool or shower and pressed the buttons, and you see water fogging under the crystal, and/or your LCD is misbehaving, then you have damaged the movement with water, and your limited warranty will NOT cover this repair.  Send it in immediately (via overnight delivery) so we can safely dry it out and quote you a cost to properly repair it.

Question 2 - "My LCD display is hard to see when I push the light button at night, or appears to dim when I push the light button."
Answer 2 - This is a normal condition.  The UDT is a vintage watch and utilizes an actual electric miniature light bulb to attempt to light a portion (left edge) of the LCD display.  If you have older eyes, you will find this function absolutely useless. What you will do, however, is succeed in draining the battery VERY quickly, as the light bulb will draw amazing amounts of current from the silver oxide battery to light itself. Translation = your UDT battery will require replacement much sooner than the 16-24 months average service life of a new battery in a UDT Type 2. Some UDT circuits also deliver too much current to the bulb, and will dim the panel even if the battery is NEW, as power is diverted from the LCD panel to light the bulb.  This is also a normal condition, and is WARNING you to GET OFF that light bulb button!  Placing your UDT in your pocket or pack and allowing the light button to be accidentally depressed for a long period of time (this HAS happened to our customers) will also 'mysteriously' drain your battery.  And no, this condition is not covered by our limited warranty.  But we will perform a battery service at reduced cost.  Do NOT take it to your local watchmaker or jeweler to replace the battery.  Don't do it.  You have been warned.

Question 3 - "My hands stopped showing the correct time, but the LCD display seems to still be working, only it is dimmer than normal."  OR "My hands and LCD display stopped working and it has only been 'X' months since my last battery change.  OR "I remember getting longer use after battery changes when my UDT was new.  My UDT only ran for X months after my last battery change?!?!"  OR "You performed a battery service a few months ago and now my UDT is no longer working.  It was working fine before I sent it to you, and so I know that you did something to cause this and want you to repair my UDT for free."
Answer 3 - This 'may' be a normal condition, or it may be that your UDT has developed an additional problem not originally diagnosed by us and/or caused by us or perhaps even you.  The UDT is over 30 years old, and it is possible for the circuit to fail due to no cause other than AGE, and that condition is NOT covered by our limited warranty.  The UDT utilizes an ana-digi quartz module that is 'vintage' and was designed at the time as well as they could make it as it pertains to power consumption.  Frequent use of the light, or an incidental activation of the light (such as by placing the UDT in your pack pocket where other items can accidentally press the light button) will cause a rapid battery drain.  The watch will then exhibit the signs of low battery, or just stop all together.  In addition the LCD panel 'ages' on the UDT.  This means that as it gets older it consumes more power to keep the character cells activated. Therefore if your panel is aging and consuming more power, you will need more frequent battery changes, perhaps once per year would be the best solution.  We do verify consumption of both the panel and the analogue portion of the UDT movement (separately), but we do not replace aged and properly displaying LCD panels unless they are damaged (as in the characters are malfunctioning).  And unless you purchased a new LCD panel from us (and this was specifically stated 'new LCD panel' on your repair invoice), the LCD panel is NOT covered under our limited warranty, and even then the coverage only occurs IF the characters are NOT displaying properly.  None of these conditions are covered by our limited warranty.  We will perform a battery service at reduced cost, but new panels and circuits are extremely rare and very expensive. Please do NOT take your UDT to your local watchmaker or jeweler to replace the battery.  They do not have parts.  They do not own test equipment to determine the cause of the rapid battery drain. They are totally incompetent.  You have been warned, but some of you don't listen.  We have had several customers learn 'the hard way' when they sent us a UDT we had previously restored for them, but then they had taken to a fix it fast place for a battery replacement.  They then sent the UDT back to us and LIED about the prior service at the jewelry store, mall, self-repair attempt, etc.  If you do this we will know, your limited warranty will be void and we will NEVER work on your UDT again.  End of discussion.

For Vintage (
20 years old or older) 'Mechanical' and 'Automatic Mechanical' Watches  

Question 1 - "My watch stops after (fill in the blank) period of time.  I remember the good old days when it ran for years without ever stopping at all.  Why is that?"
Answer 1 - There is no way your watch "ran for years without ever stopping."  Your mechanical watch has to get its power from some external source.  It can't run without a source of power to WIND the mainspring.  And that source of power is YOU. YOU have to either wind it EVERY DAY, or if it is one of the Japanese Seiko automatic MECHANICAL watches which can not be wound by the crown, then YOU have to wear it ACTIVELY EVERY DAY in order for it to wind sufficient enough to run for 24 hours or more.  If you are not ACTIVE enough to FULLY wind this type of watch by the movement of your body/arm, it will SLOW DOWN and/or STOP.  There is nothing wrong with the watch.  Please get in the habit of winding this watch manually by holding it in your hand dial up and swinging it side to side for ten or more minutes (to wind the mainspring), or consider purchasing and using an auto winder to keep your watch's mainspring wound.  Also, please keep in mind that you are wearing a VINTAGE watch (over 20 years old).  You will need to wind this watch via whichever method the watch allows, BOTH morning AND night, if you expect it to remain running. Many of our customers wear vintage watches that are more than 40 years old.  You simply can't expect such a watch to perform 'exactly like it used to' or in the same manner as a modern mechanical or quartz (battery operated) watch.  It is 'VINTAGE', and must be cared for and understood for what it is - an old watch. 

Question 2 - "My really old, vintage watch that you restored has moisture inside . . . I swear it got there all by itself as I have not worn it in the water.  How did that happen?"  (OR) "I wore my vintage watch that you restored out in the rain and water got inside?  This is very poor service as I expected that it would perform like new . . . " 
Answer 2 - Our limited warranty, posted on our website, posted in the terms and conditions you agreed to PRIOR to making your purchase for service, clearly state that water damage of ANY type is NOT covered under the limited warranty.  TRANSLATION = you will need to decide if you wish to have it repaired again, either by us, or by someone else.  We do not issue refunds.  This website has an entire FAQ devoted to water resistance and specifically discusses the problems with expecting a vintage (OLD) watch to have the same water resistance it had when it was new.  Learn from your mistake, because it is YOUR mistake.  Do NOT wear valuable, vintage watches in or around water.  Purchase a Casio G-Shock for that purpose.  Sorry, but we do NOT warranty water damage, and we have heard EVERY story in the book from watch owners.  We do not warranty water damage and we do not issue refunds for folks who water damage their repaired watch.  Period.

For all other MODERN
quartz (battery operated) and MODERN mechanical watches, please be sure you have reviewed our warranty limitations prior to completing and submitting the form below.

1.     COMPLETE & SUBMIT the required information below.  

Request for Warranty Evaluation

To receive our warranty evaluation request form, you must complete all fields below, then click on the 'SUBMIT' button.

Security Code: *  
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Payment Made for Service
Performed on Watch:
Paypal Receipt Number (last four digits):*
Describe the problem
you are having with
your repaired watch:

*NOTICE:  Your repair date and receipt number were provided to you when you completed payment with Paypal (ex. XXXXXXXXXXXX6748), and both are required to submit and process a warranty evaluation request. Upon submittal of this form, you will be redirected to our warranty evaluation PayPal processing payment page.  A $15 fee is assessed to cover the cost of evaluating a watch for warranty service, per our terms and conditions of repair.  Failure to pay or submit this form = NO WARRANTY SERVICE.

2.     PAYMENT & EVALUATION - When you submit the form (above), your browser will automatically be forwarded to our secure warranty evaluation payment form ($15).  This fee is charged to cover the cost to process and return a watch found to have a problem covered by the terms of our limited warranty.  If your watch is found to have a problem not covered by the limited warranty, this fee will help reduce the cost of additional repairs. Once we receive and validate your evaluation request, we will forward you the required instructions for submitting your watch for a warranty evaluation.  When we receive your watch, we will thoroughly evaluate your watch, and contact you via e-mail when we have completed the warranty evaluation with our findings, requirements, and recommendations and/or potential remedies.


3.     SERVICE - Should we determine that the watch qualifies for warranty service, and was not exposed to one of the conditions described in our limited warranty exclusions, we will repair the watch and return it to you.  If the watch is found to have damage and/or a problem(s) not covered by our limited warranty, and/or requires additional and/or new service not originally addressed in your first repair, we will notify you of the cost to repair the watch.  In many cases this cost is much less than normal service.  If you decline service the estimate/return shipping charge is $30.

IMPORTANT We only respond to e-mail warranty request after you have completed Step 1 (form submittal) and Step 2 (pre-payment).  Please do not e-mail or call to inquire, as you will only be directed back to this page.  Thank you. 

NOTICE - Be clearly advised, per our terms and conditions of service - All estimate & repair fees are NON - REFUNDABLE.


Your specific limited warranty period was printed on your original e-mail invoice/estimate for service, and covers only the original repair quoted in your estimate.  Prior to sending in your watch for repair, you agreed to our
terms and conditions of service, printed on your shipping and repair authorization form and available and explained in detail on our Legal Notice.

Your limited warranty DOES NOT COVER damage, stoppage and/or poor time keeping caused by ABUSE (such as you doing something improper to and/or with the watch), NEGLECT (such as leaving the watch in a hot car, failing to have the watch serviced properly at regular intervals, failing to actively and routinely wear a watch with a rechargeable battery, etc.), MODIFICATION (such as adding parts to the watch, or opening the caseback to expose the movement, etc.), TAMPERING (opening the watch to perform an inspection or do any form of repairs), a DRAINED/LOW BATTERY (batteries do run out of juice and sometimes quicker than you think or would like), SHOCK (such as dropping/slamming the watch onto a hard surface, hammering with the watch on, etc.), OWNER IGNORANCE (expecting the watch to meet performance expectations it was never designed to achieve or can no longer achieve), WATER/MOISTURE/FLUIDS (fluid or moisture damage to the inside of the watch - the movement, dial, hands or crystal) or RETURN SHIPPING for watches found to have a problem covered by the terms of our limited warranty. 


Detailed information on this topic can be found on our Limited Warranty page.   Some examples of conditions NEVER to expose your watch to include, but are not limited to, the following (all of which, if they damage the watch WILL void your limited warranty): solvents and/or oils; hot/soapy water (such as in the shower); high pressure water (such as a jet stream of water); a hot tub; a sauna; chemicals (such as perfumes, hair gels, etc.); the washing machine; the dryer; the hot dashboard of your car; a drop onto a hard surface; leaving the screw-down crown unscrewed; operating the pushers of your watch while in or around water; opening the watch to work on it yourself or to “see” what was done; having someone else (even the manufacturer) open the watch to inspect or diagnose/repair it; strong shocks (such as hammering, operating power equipment, striking your hand/wrist on a hard object); attempting to adjust the calendar setting when the watch is at or near a calendar change (you will break it).  

Taking any of the following actions WILL also 100% void your limited warranty: filing a complaint with the BBB without first allowing us a chance to BOTH see the watch AND address your concern AFTER seeing the watch; and/or filing ANY Paypal claim or chargeback; and/or posting any negative feedback on our business on any public forum.  Other scenarios constituting abuse, neglect, modification, shock, water/moisture/fluid damage, filing complaints/chargebacks etc. are possible.     

DO NOT EXPOSE your watch to hot, caustic, wet, slippery and/or high-pressure/high-stress/shock, and/or mistake-waiting-to happen situations unless YOU are willing to ASSUME ALL RISK!


Your receipt for repairs was generated when you completed payment with Paypal, and a copy was automatically emailed to you when you completed your purchase through Paypal.  The detailed information about either the service procedures performed on your watch and/or the kinetic service level was included in the original invoice estimate emailed to your prior to your payment.  Please print and save both of these documents.


For answers to many common and not-so-common questions about your watch, please visit our Watch Owner’s FAQ.

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