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Shipping Is EASY

Your watch's safe arrival, proper identification and rapid repair quote is VERY important.   Please READ!



STEP 1 - Purchase a Firm Repair Quote

STEP 2 - Download & Complete the Repair Form

STEP 3 - Package & Mail Your Watch

We accept a limited number of watches each month for estimates.  This allows us to control the flow of our intake of watches, and most importantly to enhance the quality and efficiency of our customer service. 

Following this process insures that your watch will be estimated efficiently, and also insures an expedited priority in our repair queue (line). 

 #1 - Purchase a Repair Quote

It is recommended that your watch arrive with its repair quote paid in advance.  This is easy to do utilizing our secure service cart.   We offer 3 types of repair quotes:

  1. STANDARD - for a modern watch valued by you at less than $500, click here to purchase a standard quote.
  2. ADVANCED - for a modern watch valued by you at more than $500, and less than 20-years old, click here to purchase an advanced quote.
  3. EXTENSIVE - for watches which have significant water damage, OR which are vintage watches (over 20 years old), click here to purchase an extensive quote.

 #2 - Download & Complete The Repair Form

This form can be downloaded at the link below.  Complete the left-hand side of the form and enclose with your watch.

DOWNLOAD LINK Shipping/Repair Authorization Form

 #3 - Package & Mail your Watch

A.  Protect your Watch:
Place the completed shipping form and your watch in a zip-lock bag, and then WRAP your watch in bubble wrap.  Do NOT place tape directly on the watch.  
Do NOT send more than one watch in ONE box.  Ever.  Use separate boxes, separate postage and insurance, separate everything.

DO NOT SEND THE WATCH IN ITS ORIGINAL WATCH CASE/GIFT/BOX, as it offers NO protection and encourages postal theft, and we will throw this box away if you send it.  This means you will NOT get it back.   

B.  Boxing your Watch
The post office has FREE priority mail boxes, if you utilize priority mail.  Look for the small, video-tape-size box.  DO NOT USE A PADDED ENVELOPE, and DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL WATCH/GIFT BOX!  Fill the box FULL of packing material (paper or foam peanuts).  

C.  Mail your watch via Priority or Registered Mail:  USPS is the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE.  DO NOT SEND US A WATCH VIA UPS. Registered & Insured mail is the most secure.  US Priority Mail is also a very economical option, but not as secure as registered.  We do not recommend UPS or FedEx; however, you may choose any carrier you desire and this information is NOT an endorsement of one carrier over another. 

e sure to INSURE your watch for its value*, and send it with TRACKING and/or signature required.  Retain a copy of ANY and ALL shipping and insurance documents and receipts.  You may read more about services such as Priority Mail, Tracking (formerly delivery confirmation) and Insurance at

*'VALUE' INSURANCE INFORMATIONYou should insure your watch for its replacement value, and be prepared to defend this amount with 'Proof of VALUE' in the unlikely event of loss Click HERE for more information on 'Proof of Value.'


If you are concerned about security for a particularly rare or expensive watch, again please consider utilizing US Postal Service REGISTERED mail This is tracked by a postal worker at each transit point, and is kept under lock and key each leg of the journey.  Insure the watch for its full replacement value.  You should request signature evidence of delivery which can be done with a 'Domestic Return Receipt' (green card).  More information on these services is available at    

IMPORTANT - Do NOT put the word "watch" on the address label or the package!

We will email you after we have received your watch and have performed the estimate.

The ONLY way to address your shipping label is: 

BfW Co. Inc.
704 Pennsylvania Dr.
Denton, TX 76205    

 Payment Information:

The following forms of payment are accepted:

Credit Cards:

We accept ALL major credit cards - you name it, we take it through our verified merchant account with


We accept Paypal through our verified merchant account with Paypal.

Personal Checks & Money Orders:

We accept personal checks but require payment to clear (usually 7-10 business days) before beginning any work.  We will also accept money orders but ONLY from the United States Postal Service.

Please note that we will ONLY ship to the same billing address as is on file with your credit card company.

Prepayment of Repair Quote & Service Charges:

The minimum diagnosis charge is our repair quote fee, which is normally purchased prior to sending us your watch.  This fee pays to perform a legitimate and extensive diagnosis of your watch, and to send the watch back to you if you decline our estimate for repairs.  If you approve the repair quote, the fee REDUCES your repair cost.  Repairs require 100% prepayment prior to work being performed.  All repair quote fees and service charges are non-refundable.

BfW Co. Inc.
704 Pennsylvania
Denton, TX 76205  



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