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  The Type II UDT

Leak Locating a UDT

The Most Comprehensive
Chronosport UDT Type IIa, IIb & IIc 
Watch Repair
on the Planet!

NEW FOR 2018!
UDT or Breitling Pluton Sapphire Crystal with Blue Anti Reflective (AR) Coating
Official Chronosport Service Center CHRONOSERVE
Our comprehensive service is PROVEN to exceed 
ANY competitor! 
NO other business offers complete,
full-on restorations of the UDT.

  • Battery service with critical pressure testing
  • New gasket replacement (all of them) 
  • Pusher rebuild or replacement 
  • Bezel tuning
  • Crown & case tube restoration or replacement
  • Full movement service
  • Timing adjustment of the circuit to OEM spec
  • Dial and hand reluming
  • Correct-thickness crystal or AR sapphire upgrade
  • Full-on restorative re-coating of the UDT black case and case parts.
  • These procedures will SAVE your watch!






This Chronosport UDT Watch arrived at our shop 'flooded.'

A view of the movement showing extensive water damage.  DESTROYED.

Dial and hands RUINED.  But HOW?

The inside of the case back tells a story and shows the previous repairs this watch has received.  According to the customer and the records displayed, this Chronosport UDT watch was last serviced by our primary competitor (now out of business) on September 23rd, 2015.  Just short of 2 years later this watch was flooded and completely ruined when the customer went swimming with the watch.  The watch flooded because the crown gasket and case tube had NOT been properly repaired/replaced during its prior service.  Look at the second photo above, which shows the underside of the crown.  Do you see how worn the exterior of the crown is?  No way that wear occurred in less than 2 years.  This means that our competitor chose NOT to require that the worn crown be replaced when he serviced it in 2015, and this decision put the ENTIRE watch at risk.  FACT.  The watch always 'wins' and the watch never 'lies.'  In spite of this catastrophic damage, the customer sent his watch back to our competitor but (lucky for the customer) was told it COULD NOT BE REPAIRED ... at least not by the place that boldly proclaimed they were the 'official' repair center for Chronosport watches. 


  This UDT being Precision Timed on a SWISS Witschi Watch Analyzer.  

Receipts that show PASSING results from a pressure test in a Poseidon LT-100, and a quartz test on our Witschi Analyzer Twin.  Note the NAME of our company on the RECEIPT.  You will NEVER get such a receipt from ANY of our competitors.  What are the chances that they actually own this equipment?  We believe that you are being RIPPED OFF when you send your expensive, rare Chronosport UDT watch to any shop that does not have proper training, tools, equipment, experience and at least a two-year warranty.  You should DEMAND to see PROOF of their equipment and training BEFORE you believe the absolute crap you will read on some popular, internet, watch, jack-off forums for losers.  

This is a photo of the same watch, after extensive restoration by BestFix Watch Company, Inc.  It now carries a 2 year, limited warranty.  All of the work was done correctly.  ALL OF IT by John W. Safranek.  The original dial was restored, the movement was essentially replaced/rebuilt.  The hands were relumed.  The pushers were replaced, the crown was replaced, the crystal was replaced, all of the gaskets were replaced, all of the bezel components were disassembled, cleaned, re-tuned and remounted.  The movement was PRECISION TIMED on a Witschi Quartz Analyzer with a receipt to verify the work.  The watch was pressure tested, both DRY and WET with a RECEIPT to verify the workWe did NOT send this watch out to have someone else do the job.  The watch was repaired in our shop.  We profoundly resent the Watchuseek Forum poster FLINTSGHOST's claim that we only offer a 6 month warranty and/or do shoddy work.  His comments are 100% false.  We also take offense at the comments made by Watchuseek poster SOLIDSNAKE73.  His comments about the quality of our work and the character of our owner are 100% false.  Shame on both of them, and shame on the Watchuseek Forum Administrator for, in spite of knowing the truth, allowing these defamatory posts to remain on the forum he administrates.   

Please do not call or email us without reading all the FAQs below.  

We do NOT sell parts!  

 NOT operate the chrono pusher buttons of your UDT watch when in or under water.  They are designed to be pressed ON LAND ONLY.  You may allow a small amount of water into the case, which may in turn cause expensive damage to the watch movement.  To be clear the UDT chrono pusher buttons should NOT be used when in/under water.  

This is the Chronosport UDT, Type II, fully disassembled,
and demonstrates the level of precision WORK we do when properly servicing your valuable UDT. Try and find pictures like these on ANY other 'Chronosport service' website.



 What makes the Chronosport UDT watch so unique?

The UDT Type I & Type II Chronosport watch has a HUGE 'functional cool' factor:

  • Worn by Stephen Segal and Sylvester Stallone in tough-guy, block-buster movies in the 1980s - way before Keifer Sutherland in '24.'
  • The first truly analogue-digital, military-grade watch ever produced.
  • Designed with the same movement as the Breitling Pluton.
  • Manufactured with Swiss-made case and dial components.
  • Still being used by military and 'former' military personnel in the field.
  • Water resistant to 200 meters/20ATM.
 Three Ways to DAMAGE your Chronosport UDT watch!

The UDT is a very rugged, combat-proven dive watch.  But it is not IDIOT proof, and there exist a variety of surprising ways that the owner can unwittingly cause real and permanent DAMAGE to their Chronosport UDT watch. 

  • THE PUSHERS - The three chronopushers on the UDT are designed to be operated ABOVE water.  Pushing them when under water may allow tiny droplets of water into the case which will cause very expensive damage to the dial, hands and movement.  SOLUTION = Use your bezel to time an underwater activity.  
  • AN INTERNET FORUM - The internet can be a very useful tool.  However it is replete with false and misleading information.  This is unfortunately VERY true concerning the Chronosport UDT watch and its repair.  Many UDT owners are perhaps one of the least reliable sources of accurate information, and forums such as Watchuseek and Tapatalk are some of the biggest contributors to publishing this misinformation.  Due to rules and guidelines on these forums a post can't be deleted, and ten days after a post is published, IT CAN NOT BE EDITED.  The forum administrators will NOT remove a post, even if it is proven to them that the post is untruthful.  Case in point, UDT owners can currently read that our company's limited warranty is '6 months' (FALSE).  This was claimed by one of our former customers (FLINTSGHOST), who posted false information about our warranty and alleged lack of quality.  We believe his actions were done solely to benefit one of our competitors, who is now OUT OF BUSINESS.  When we confronted FLINTSGHOST with the FACT that his repair warranty was in fact 2 years, he was forced to post a follow up admitting this (or face a law suit for libel).  The forum administrator however, when presented with the same evidence, and told that the information in this thread violated his own forum rules and guidelines, decided NOT to remove the false information.  This is only one example of false and misleading information published on Watchuseek, a forum owned by a CANADIAN company.  SOLUTION = Do NOT patronize watch owner forums that refuse to take down false and misleading information.  Unfortunately for consumers and small businesses, but luckily for lawyers and unscrupulous Canadian tech companies, this is the case with almost all forums due to something called The Communications 'Decency' Act.  It would cost a small business at least 10K to hire a law firm and secure a court order that requires Google to remove defamatory posts.  To be clear, there is nothing decent about this act, as it only serves to benefit and protect forum owners and administrators from having to take any responsibility for the FALSE content that they allow to remain on their websites.  
  • A SHOP INEXPERIENCED IN REPAIRING THE UDT -  You don't have to search long to locate such businesses, and more of them pop up everyday on the internet.  These companies use 'shotgun' marketing tactics to advertise to repair almost any brand of watch, and then they put up a landing page to make it look like they are experts at repairing that specific type of watch or brand.  Our first example is WatchRepairsUSA.  Besides providing only a one year warranty on their work (and that's if it truly is THEIR work), this company falsely advertises that THEY can do 'complete restorations' on the UDT, and THEY have 'genuine Chronosport parts.'  Both of these statements are 100% FALSE.   Our company has received several UDT watches from WatchRepairsUSA.  That's right, they sent us UDTs to repair.  Why would WatchRepairsUSA send us a watch that they advertise to be 'experts' at repairing?  You decide.  A second example of this tactic is REPAIRSBYPOST.  No mention of any warranty whatsoever on their website, and you are sending your UDT to the UK, and might have to pay CUSTOMS when it is returned to you (IF it makes it through customs).  Also, should you want to see just how bad the shop conditions appear to be at this place, just visit their website and view their videos.  SOLUTION = Send your Chronosport UDT directly to a business that actually specializes in servicing, repairing AND RESTORING the Chronosport UDT watch, and avoid having to pay a middleman (translation = save money), risk to your UDT of being cannibalized for working parts, or just plain waisting your time waiting to find out that they can't do the work.  

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When was my Chronosport UDT watch made?

The Type I & II UDT were manufactured from the early to mid 1980s to late 1990s,, easily rendering them more than 25 years old.  The UDT is now very collectible, somewhat rare and dare we say - 'vintage.'  Count yourself lucky if you own one now, or owned one 'back in the day.'

How much is my Chronosport UDT watch worth?

This depends.  Don't you hate that answer?  But it truly does.  It depends on:

  • What condition your watch is in - is it beat-to-hell or mint or somewhere in between? 
  • The UDT Chronosport Type II watch sold new in the mid to late 1980s for approximately $425-$450 on sale.  Using an 'inflation calculator' (a device that seems to elude the intelligence of most people) a $450 MSRP in 1984 yields an adjusted value of $1054.14 in 2016!  A pre-owned UDT in good, working and recently/properly serviced condition is more than holding its original value, in our opinion - and provided it is properly and recently serviced.  And this value does NOT take into account the fact that the UDT is now a vintage watch, relatively RARE, and a collector's item.
  • A non-working/non-recently serviced, severely worn/abused and/or water-damaged UDT might be worth as little as $100, or have NO VALUE if the dial and hands were damaged by water and/or the movement was rust damaged.  Update, as of July 21st, 2016 90% of the UDTs being sent in to us for evaluation have some form of water damage due to the previous owner(s) failing to have proper service done, failing to understand that the chrono pushers should NOT be depressed when in or under water and/or hack artist 'watchmakers' performing substandard service (e.g. NOT replacing the crown and pusher gaskets, and/or NOT dismantling the movement to properly service and remove debris from the gear train). This is 100% FACT.  90% of what comes in our door has this history.
  • A UDT in fair cosmetic shape, with improper service and/or needing service might be worth from $150 to as much as $350. 
  • A UDT serviced or repaired by us, in good condition (not restored), is probably worth $700 to $1200 (due to the cost you paid for service and/or repairs).  Please note that our limited warranty is NOT transferable.
  • A UDT in mint condition, original finish, never worn, properly put up with no batter leakage might be worth $1,500 or more.  Does it have the box and papers, is the owner's manual present?  Does it have an original, metal bracelet?  What condition is the bracelet in?  Lots of factors influence this final price, which could easily be higher than $1500.
  • A frequently asked question we are receiving from UDT owners is, "Will you sell my UDT for me?"  Sorry, we do not provide this service, but we do purchase UDTs.  Email us to inquire.
  • A UDT we fully restored with new dial/hand lume, upgraded pushers and new seals, fully serviced with a new 5-year limited warranty, and recoating sold for $2,150.00.  With the big numbers, it all depends on the 'VALUE' that can be added.  Our warranty is NOT transferable, so keep that in mind if you are lucky enough to own one of our restored UDTs. There are very few for sale from us in restored condition.  This will only increase the resale value of these rare UDTs over the next few years. 
  • Does it have sentimental value?  No way to put a price on that. 
  • The collector's market determines the sales price.  And that market is always changing due to many conditions beyond your control.
  • We also purchase used, worn-out UDT Type I & II Chronosport watches in any condition for parts only.  Contact Us for information on how to send your watch in for a purchase quote!
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How much does it cost to service the UDT and how long should a battery last?

Notice the word 'service' in the above question.  This implies a basic intervention by the watchmaker.  Service, in this context, is not the same as 'repair' or 'restore' (discussed in the next FAQ below). 

First the correct type of diagnosis must be performed
on your UDT to determine what the watch needs to be returned to factory condition.  Notice we said 'what the watch needs,' and not 'what you want done.'  There is almost always a difference.  We don't just 'slap a battery in' this watch, and strongly advise against you having your 'watch guy' (jeweler with no real skills as a watchmaker), ANY OTHER INTERNET WATCH REPAIR BUSINESS, or the foreign guy at the mall kiosk, 'Fix it Fast' place attempt to do so. This will all but insure improper servicing of your UDT - and more costly procedures, such as repair and/or restoration, when we eventually have your watch for a bench diagnosis.  

We do NOT do free estimates, and we strongly encourage you NOT to select ANYONE that claims they offer FREE estimates on a vintage watch.  'Free estimate' means they are NOT doing the HARD and RISKY work of testing your UDT, and dismantling your UDT to look for the need for corrective interventions. When we diagnose your UDT it undergoes TESTING and DISMANTLEMENT to CAREFULLY LOOK FOR POTENTIAL, NECESSARY CORRECTIVE ACTIONS - services that ONLY WE OFFER.   If you decline our service estimate, the service decline fee is $79.95.  This pays for the time we have taken to accurately diagnose your watch, prepare your invoice, and to ship the watch back to you IF you decline the estimate.  Far too many new owners of the UDT will purchase one on Ebay, and then   

Nor should you attempt to work on a UDT yourself.  And we have heard it all, "But I am a member of the NAWCC" or "I am Siemens engineer" or "I am a tactical armorer for the FBI" or "I am a NASA astronaut with very extensive micro mechanical skills IN SPACE!"  Yes, but you don't have Swiss tools or Swiss training, or expertise in dealing with obsolete, quartz watches.  You are going to screw up your UDT watch.  Repeat after me, "I will ruin my UDT if I try to work on it myself."    

Due to prior, improper service and/or owner neglect or buffoonery, it is not uncommon for a well-worn UDT to require MOST of the following service interventions:

  • Disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication of the movement
  • Replacement of the crown, pushers (3) and associated gaskets
  • Replacement of crystal and crystal gasket 
  • Replacement of the caseback gasket
  • Disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bezel parts
  • Check and adjustment of the quartz regulation/timing
  • Synchronization testing of the watch ana-digi, and verification of all functions (alarm, chrono, light, etc.)
  • Pressure testing
The above service procedures for the Type II MOVEMENT (excluding crystal, crown and pusher parts), starts as low as $219.95 and up.  If your watch also requires a new crown, new pusher(s) and/or new crystal, this cost can easily be more than $415. Most UDTs we see require a new crown, new crystal and at least one new pusher, so if you are looking for a 'ballpark' price, you have found it. Don't go looking for a place to do it for less, or you WILL get ripped off.  Service time frames run 4-8 weeks, or longer if you elect a restoration. 

"But all my UDT Chronosport watch needs is a battery."  This statement is 100% NOT true, and leads us to the second question,  "How long should a battery last in a UDT Chronosport watch?" A new, properly installed battery in a UDT with NORMAL consumption (the measurement of how many amps are required to do the WORK of the movement) is anywhere from 12 to 22 months.  Why the broad range?  One variable associated with this theoretical estimate and also with the real world service life is how many of the consumers you intentionally use, or which may be 'accidentally' utilized. The light and the alarm are the biggest purposeful consumers in the UDT.  So if you use the light and the alarm with greater frequency and/or duration (these are NOT the same), you can expect to require an annual battery change, or perhaps even sooner than 12 months to be on the safe side.  Your UDT light button can also become accidentally depressed if you store the watch in a pack or pants pocket (something we do not recommend), and this constant depressing of the light button will rapidly drain the battery.  We can perform an annual (12 months maximum OR LESS from your last battery service WITH US) for as low as $115 plus return shipping on any Type II UDT Chronosport watch we have previously serviced in the last 12 months, and which does not need any additional service.  

Finally, and which is probably the case with most UDTs (due to the fact that the parts are now 30-plus years old), the LCD panel can 'age out'.  When this occurs, the consumption of the panel increases beyond its technical specification, and this WILL cause a more rapid battery drain.  There is no way the end user can know if the panel is consuming at a higher rate, just by looking at it.  This can only be verified by checking the consumption of the panel in isolation and/or by checking the consumption of the panel in a test mode, such as can be done with our test equipment.  We can also print an official receipt of this test, if you desire.  Some LCD panels will 'fade' in the character appearance (gold tone fades and black characters fade), and this is an indication that the panel is aging, but some panels will look to be normal and still have higher than normal consumption.  The LCD panels are now so rare that we no longer replace a high consuming panel if it functions and the characters are visible. Therefore we recommend that you have your UDT serviced once every year.  A plus to having yearly service is that any other issues in the watch, specifically water resistance, will be addressed every 12 months.  This could save your watch from having to have more costly repairs should one of the water resistant seals become compromised due to shock, chemicals, etc.  

Ideally, the vintage, rare and collectible Chronosport UDT needs to be fully examined and tested each year, to determine if it requires GASKETS, and then it needs to be RESEALED & PRESSURE TESTED - at a MINIMUM.  If your UDT has NEVER been properly and FULLY serviced (which is the case in 95% of the UDTs that come across our bench), it will also need new pusher bodies, a new crown, service to the movement (to clean and oil the train of wheels), and possible other movement parts such as a circuit or coil. Why is it costly to service a vintage watch which no longer has parts readily available?  Keep reading . . .

  • Circuits, LCD panels OR ANY MOVEMENT part for that matter are NO LONGER available for the UDT.  No movements are available.  If you have water damage to your UDT and require a replacement movement, WatchRepairsUSA can't help you out, as they do NOT have access to movement parts.  Not even 'Chronoserve' can help you, as by their own admission, they do NOT have replacement movements or the ability to repair severely damaged movements (FACT).  But we can do THE WORK, because we have the PARTS, the MOTIVATION and the EXPERTISE.    
  • Correct CASE parts are not commercially available for the UDT. 
  • We have original thickness crystals and crystal gaskets manufactured in Germany.  No one else stocks these crystals.  No one.
  • We have original style crowns and correct pushers made to order in Switzerland.  We do NOT sell parts.  Do NOT call to ask this.  
  • We stock the correct thickness and size case back gasket, and have the correct Swiss lubricants for the movement. 
  • We stand behind our work with a limited, unprecedented 2-year warranty. This issue is a 'game ender' for ANY other watchmaker 'pretending' to properly service your UDT or ANY watch for that matter. Go ahead and ask them how long their warranty is.  This question will make them sweat, and they won't want to work on your watch.  Go ahead and ask them.  And yep, this pisses them off.  Big time.  Because they will NEVER offer you a two year warranty on a vintage digital watch repair. Email them and ask them WHY they won't.  Send us their reply, and we will offer you a $50 off coupon if you allow us to print the email response that you received from them.  Want to take it to the next level with them? Ask them if they sell restored UDTs with a 5 year warranty. Game over. 
  • Your local watchmaker can NOT properly repair or seal your UDT without these critical and unavailable case parts and gaskets, and proper pressure testing equipment.  Many 'watchmakers' don't own this equipment.  Ask them if they provide a printed pressure test RECEIPT that verifies the dry test results. Or ask them if they can provide a photo of all three of their pressure test machines with their company logo clearly displayed (yes it takes 3 different machines to do it).  They will NOT be able or willing to do this.  At most all they may own is a 'leak locator' vessel, which is NOT sufficient for properly pressure testing a dive watch. They don't own ALL of this equipment because it is EXPENSIVE.  We know of one company, advertising to be qualified to repair the UDT, who does NOT pressure test the UDT to 20ATM, because this company does NOT have the proper equipment to pressure test the UDT to 250 meters. Do not take your UDT to your local 'hack artist' watchmaker wanna be to try and see if he can 'fix' your UDT, or ANY other place you found on the internet.  They WILL mess it up. Guaranteed.  Don't do it. 
  • You are asking for trouble when you allow your local watch hacker, jewelry store idiot, or accomplished 'hobbyist' with no formal eduction or training to attempt to change the battery in this watch.  Don't do it.  You will be more than sorry. 
                                                      CLICK BELOW


An Example of OUR WORK - FULLY RESTORED UDT - Seeing is Believing!
Explain 'repair' and 'restoration' vs. 'service.'

Service is explained in the above FAQ.  A UDT crosses the threshold into REPAIR when, in addition to service, it requires:
  • Any movement part other than a power cell. 
  • Many UDTs have sustained moisture/water intrusion into the case from neglect and/or improper service.  This moisture can enter the watch from old/dried compromised crown, pusher, crystal or caseback gaskets (not replaced at the Hackomatic Watch Repair place e.g. Internet/mall/jewelry store), or from the owner operating the UDT chronopushers when the watch was underwater or in the shower or hot tub - why do you need to time your shower?  (Don't answer that!)
  • Movement parts for the Type I & II UDTs are obsolete, no longer available.  So if your UDT needs a circuit or LCD panel, and we have one in stock, the price will be 'market price.'  You have probably seen 'market price' on the menu at your local upscale restaurant next to lobster or fine cuts of steak or rare fish.  The need for these rare parts should probably be stated 'rare market price,' and will add hundreds of dollars to the repair (term used correctly in this context) on top of the service cost.  If your watch is quoted to require one of these rare parts, count yourself lucky - due to extremely limited stock.  We may also be out of stock of a part with no restock date and in that case we will kindly request your patience.
  • Repair time frames are typically the same as service time frames - 6 to 8 weeks minimum from date of payment, but may be longer.  Can't wait, please don't send us your watch unless you are active duty and are also sending/faxing a scan/copy of your current military ID.  We will do a quick turn around for active duty military who can prove it.  
  • And no, we don't sell parts for your local hack watchmaker (or you - you hobbyist) to install.  Don't call to ask this.  You have been warned.

A UDT enters into RESTORATION territory when, in addition to service and/or repair, it requires or the owner requests:

  • Relume of the hands and/or dial.  We routinely relume the hands and dial markers of the UDT, and can use Swiss Luminova, or Noctilumina - your choice of type and colors.  We can also customize the colors at your request.  Does this reduce the value of the watch?  Yes, to a true, purist collector it does.  Does it restore the functionality of the dial?  Absolutely, it will glow brighter than when new after exposure to an external light source of adequate intensity. Visit our UDT relumination page here.
  • Recoat the original finish of the watch case frame and bezel outer ring.  The UDT originally came with a black chromium-based Teflon finish.  We can recoat the watch with black Teflon, Ceramic or Cerakote finishes.  We can also do other colors besides black, such as olive drab, dessert tan, camo patterns, you name it.  Visit our UDT Teflon recoat page here.
  • Replace the original pusher bodies and/or case tube (if required) with stainless components - superior to the original parts. 
  • Replace the original dive bezel counter insert.  Yep, we can even do that now..., or replace the internal bezel springs and click spring.
  • Restoration time frames are normally 10-12 weeks minimum.  Worth the wait.
  • Replace the factory crystal with an upgraded AR-coated sapphire crystal.
  • To our knowledge, we are the only shop in the world that can perform ALL of these restorative services for the UDT Type II Chronosport watch.
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If you can no longer see your UDT markers or hands at night, it is time for our RELUMINATION SERVICE.

If your UDT has the original black, WORN black coating, we can refinish this for you in super-tough TEFLON (current military spec).  No one else offers this service!!!


Another example of OUR WORK.  This UDT has been relumed, recoated, fully serviced, pressure tested , and is about to ship out for duty in Afghanistan.
 Do I have to send my Chronosport UDT watch to an 'authorized' Chronosport Service Center for repairs? What qualifies BestFix Watch Company to do THE WORK? 

First off, you can't.  The original Chronosport Service Center CLOSED its doors in 1999, and is NO LONGER IN BUSINESS, and Chronoserve (the company that continued to service UDTs) is no longer taking work in as of January 1st, 2018.  THESE ARE FACTS.  There exists no legal authority 'authorizing' any particular business to repair or not repair the Chronosport UDT.  FACT.

Second, your original Chronosport watch warranty has long since EXPIRED, and it is not necessary for you to send your watch to anyone falsely advertising to be the ONLY 'authorized' service center for Chronosport.  Because IN TRUTH, there is no 'authorized' service center for the Chronosport UDT because the Chronosport company is NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE.  In addition 'Chronoserve' is no longer taking watches in for work as of January 1st, 2018.

Most important of all, if you are genuinely concerned about finding a shop that can do THE WORK, then consider this.  BfW has been repairing the Chronosport UDT for ten years, and is the ONLY shop in the world offering FULL RESTORATION SERVICES for the UDT Chronosport.  Many customers find us after being advised that their UDT watch could not be properly and/or fully repaired. The Chronosport UDT is now a valuable watch, highly collectible, and you are cautioned to be careful whom you allow to service it.  

Remember, if they won't offer you a two (2) year warranty, or a printed receipt that validates the modern WATER RESISTANCE VERIFICATION PRESSURE TEST that YOUR watch PASSED, then you really should consider finding another place to do THE WORK.   

At BfW all repairs are performed by a certified, Swiss-trained, Master Horologist/Watchmaker who has two masters degrees and over 400 hours of verifiable training in watchmaking.  

Vulnerable omnes, ultima necat.

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   Are there Chronosport UDT watches that you can't or won't work on?
We are the BEST place to service your UDT, or ANY Type 2 UDT for that matter.   Our BBB rating, customer reviews, the length of our limited warranty, and the fact that our restored UDTs sell for $$$ on auction sites prove that.  In spite of being the BEST at what we do, we may NOT be able to service your UDT watch in any of the following situations:
  • Your UDT is a TYPE 1 which has a total of TWO pushers and NOT three, like the one pictured at the bottom of this page.  This model has a non-repairable circuit. We have repaired several of the Type 1s in the past, and some customers insist that we take a look at their Type 1, because they have been told by others (for free) that it could not be repaired.  Our repair estimates are $79.95, even if we determine it can't be repaired. So if you want to know for sure, send it on in. It will cost $79.95 to determine that it can't be repaired.  But you could get lucky.  
  • You do NOT have a working, valid email address.  No email = No SERVICE.
  • You are a watchmaker or hobbyist, and are inquiring to ask if we will sell you parts and/or will perform partial service on a UDT, or UDT parts that you plan to send us.  We will NOT do this.  Do NOT ask.  You have been warned.  
  • We determine that you are a forum member of Watchuseek.  Anyone who we determine is a member of the Watchuseek forum will not be allowed to utilize our services.  That should tell you how much we detest the Canadian parent company 'VericalScope', and the Watchuseek forum administrator.  To be clear, if you patronize forums where honest people are defamed, then use that same forum to find someone else to repair your UDT.  In fact, if we know the serial number of your UDT, not only will we not repair it for you, but we will NEVER repair it again, even if you sell it to another 'collector.'  Yes you read that right.  And if you post false comments about us on ANY forum, and the statute of limitations is not up, we will come after your sorry ass - legally of course.
  • You live outside of the USA.  Sorry, but if you live outside of the USA you must contact us first before sending a UDT.  We need to discuss some issues and risks associated with a repair that is done in another country from your own, and the increased costs and risks of shipment to and from us and you. 

LEGAL NOTICE: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, and at any time.  We rarely exercise this right, but unfortunately have had to in the past.     

The 'Type 1' UDT - slightly different in appearance from the Type 2.


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