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  Compass Bezel

UDT Chronosport Watches for SALE!*

We are the ONLY source for 

TWO available to build.  

#1. Almost MINT Restored Condition 
12/24-hour Dial &
Compass Rose Bezel
5-year Warranty

Collector's Edition with box and papers!

Click below to order and start the build:

#2. Very Fine Restored Condition 
12/24-hour Dial & 
Compass Rose Bezel
5-year Warranty

Watch & Strap Only!

Click below to order and start the build:

*30-45-day build time - shipping by required registered mail is additional.


Order one, wear it, and find out why so many of our military special operators chose the UDT when the watch was still in production during the late '80s and '90s.  The UDT watch still kicks ass, is just as rugged and dependable as any modern 'tactical' wanna-be watch, and our restored UDTs continue to see service in current combat theaters around the world.

The UDT is the coolest genuine 'bad ass' watch ever made.  Period.

Our exclusive Teflon Refinishing process involves:
  • Full dis-assembly of your case parts and movement. 

This is the Chronosport UDT, Type II, fully disassembled, typical of the precision work we do when properly servicing your valuable UDT.*

  • Re-coating of the Chronosport UDT Case.
  • Replacement or restoration of the case tube.*

We can utilize a new, Swiss, STAINLESS, case tube - which is superior to the worn, original case tube.* 

  • New case tube installed.*

The new stainless case tube is installed with this watch's original, refinished crown and a new crown gasket installed.*

  • New chrono-pushers installed.*

After discussion with military special forces veterans who wore the UDT in combat, we determined that another major weakness of the original UDT was its pusher bodies (red arrows above).  We can repair/restore all of these failure-prone areas with new, Swiss stainless pusher bodies and a case tube during your UDT's case refinishing.*

  • TEFLON your chrono pushers and crown!*

We can Teflon coat your pushers and crown.  Teflon coating these (an optional service) provides an extremely durable finish to an otherwise high-wear area of this watch.*

  • The TEFLON watch below is an example of our work.
The restored UDT above is an example of our work.  This UDTs case parts were all Teflon coated, and features the compass-rose bezel.*
  • CERAMIC watch below is an example of our work.

In this photo a UDT case has just completed being coated with CERAMIC and is awaiting assembly.  Note that the ceramic coating is a matte finish.  Teflon is more of a satin finish.*

The case has had its new case tube, inner chapter ring, crystal gasket, crystal and bezel installed, and is awaiting the installation of the chronopusher assemblies and its movement/dial/and hands.  This case shows the diver's-type bezel.*

Small Details - Ceramic coated chrono-pushers and crown.*

The dial on the CERAMIC project watch is featured above and is the classic, original dial design, as is the bezel for this watch.*

The assembled ceramic watch with restored hand set.

A close-up view of the pushers and "B" logo crown.*

The restored ceramic-coated Chronosport UDT with new strap.*


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704 Pennsylvania
Denton, TX 76205  


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*NOTICE - Prices on this page do not include shipping & handling.  Unless specifically stated, pictures on this website are of UDT watches which we have restored and SOLD to customers and are utilized to demonstrate the scope and quality of our work and are NOT the actual pictures of restored watches that are BUILT TO ORDER.